About Co-op

What is a parent cooperative preschool?

It is a place where families and young children learn and grow together in a safe and comfortable environment with activities that are developmentally appropriate for every stage of your child’s development. Co-op also provides parents a place to learn about child development and child rearing in an environment supported by other parents and the Community Colleges of Spokane.

At co-op your child will have many opportunities to try new activities, develop independence, basic academic concepts and skills, make new friends, learn to share, listen and follow directions and group routines, enjoy themselves, and learn that school is fun.

As a parent, you will have the opportunity to be an active part in your child’s first learning experience, enhance your parenting skills, share ideas, interests and resources with other parents, make new family friendships, and use and develop leadership skills by helping run a non-profit organization.

Why Family Involvement?

“The quality of the program is determined by the quality of adult/child interactions.”

Parents are the most important teachers to their children.  A parent co-op preschool gives families a chance to participate in their child’s education at a very early age.  Working with the facilitator, families are involved in creating stimulating and fun experiences for the children, as well as having a say in the decisions that are made in the school.

Commitment to the program includes involvement in the following:

  • Attending a monthly business meeting and parent education seminar (typically held Monday evenings).
  • Accepting responsibility for various tasks involved in running the program (small and large jobs available).
  • Assist in the classroom at least once a week.
  • Family nights are held in September, December, and May as a way to get to know each other and celebrate our children together.  We encourage everyone to bring all their children, and we plan great activities for all ages.

College Affiliation

  • Northwest Parent Cooperative Preschool is a parent education program affiliated with the Community Colleges of Spokane.
  • As a member of the co-op your are an enrolled student in the non-graded parent education program.
  • Parents may enroll at any time during the quarter and pay only for the months that they attend.
  • Northwest Parent Cooperative Preschool rents space from Emmanuel Presbyterian Church but are not affiliated with any religious organization.

Co-op is a great place to meet other parents so you can “compare notes” on parenting issues and learn more. Time is set aside to discuss issues and learn about parenting topics through seminars, meetings and daily co-op classes.  We all can learn from each other!

Call or come by and see if cooperative preschool is for your family!