Learn Best Through Play

Here at Northwest Parent Cooperative Preschool, we believe children learn best through play in a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment. We aim to create a place where they are free to explore, feel good about themselves and follow their own interests.

What other parents say

My children have flourished while attending Northwest Parent Co-op.  I chose this co-op program because we are focused on letting children explore, learn, grow, discover, and most importantly, PLAY.  Their childhoods seem short, but with a co-op experience they can be allowed to develop at their own pace, and I can grow and learn as a parent as well.  As parents we all want our children to succeed. At Northwest Parent Co-op, we can help make that happen together.

Alicia Ries

Both my daughter and I have had a wonderful experience at NW CO-OP! Everyone is so open and caring here. It has such an inviting feel for kids and parents. I love that she has the opportunity to play and learn.

Vanessa Goss

We LOVE this co-op! It allowed me to get both my kiddos some social interaction and learning while still allowing me to be with them and participate. The people are amazing and I feel like we are a little family. Both my boys have enjoyed this school for years. It set my oldest up for such success in Kindergarten. My youngest loves it just as much and is learning so much. I can’t recommend it enough!

Chrystina Tapia

We’ve been here for almost a year and love the preschool!! We chose a co-op as my daughter have never been in daycare before and thought this would be a good transition for her, she is thriving and LOVES school. Choosing a co-op for preschool and/or Pre-K comes with so many advantages, you’re very involved and have a voice at the school, we all work together towards the same goal, we support each other and contribute to the success of this co-op. We all have a role in this community and it’s such a rewarding experience to see all the kids grow in a safe, loving and caring environment. Teacher Laura is amazing; her quality of teaching and patience are astounding. The kids love her!!

Elmarie Oberholzer

We have had a fantastic experience at this preschool! We were looking for a more “play based” option for our middle child compared with the more rigorous preschool that our oldest attended and NW co-op has blown us away. We’ve been amazed at the quality of teaching—the staff are so organized, caring, and enthusiastic. It has felt like instant community and I’m amazed at all the growth I’ve seen in my daughter this year! I could not be more pleased that we landed here.

Tracy Hare

My daughter started this year in the Co-op preschool class. She absolutely loves it! I love helping and being a part of her preschool too. I am so glad we found this Co-op and enjoy all the families involved.

Heather Morrison

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