Miss Laura

Pre-K, Preschool/Family Day Facilitator 

My name is Miss Laura, and I’m excited to step into the role of classroom facilitator. This will mark my third year as part of our awesome Co-Op family(first as a parent, now as the facilitator).  I graduated from Walla Walla University with a Master’s Degree in Teaching with secondary certifications. Following a year teaching at an international school in Thailand, I returned to WA to marry and start a family while working as a substitute teacher.

Since the start of my parenting journey, I have primarily stayed home with my children, though I have continued to work occasionally as a district substitute. My three kids are Elaina (9), Christopher(6), and Robin (5). With the advent of motherhood, my teaching style has shifted to a focus on social-emotional skill building, play-based learning, and a love of integrating music and movement into the classroom experience.

My family has attended NW Parent Co-Op for the past two years. I love the co-op preschool model as it keeps parents so involved in their child’s learning. As a parent, YOU are your child’s first and most influential teacher. Co-Op supports you in that role as well as providing many opportunities to learn from others. I look forward to sharing this year with you!